Bruce Aaron, LCSW

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I work with people committed to their personal and spiritual growth who are in need of help with relationship difficulties, depression & anxiety, and self-esteem issues. Via group or individual therapy or couple's counseling I support people to clarify their values, empowering them to live their lives with integrity and to become more fully who they truly are.

You are unique. So am I. My gentle approach meets you where you're at.

My work has been described as intuitive, challenging and respectful. The warm, comforting environment I offer encourages personal and spiritual growth.

Find out more about Body Image Workshops

Aside from counseling and psychotherapy I offer a time-limited program for gay men dealing with the all-too-common issue of appearance. "Do I look good enough? Does anybody find me hot?" If you ask yourself these kinds of questions the Body Image Workshop might be for you. Click here to learn more.

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