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Taking A Trip Down the Street
I don't know who authored this vignette, but it humorously expresses how I see our continued growth in therapy and in life. I hope it has meaning for you.

Consider The Generosity Of The One-Year-Old by Alison Luterman.
This poem was published in the monthly periodical The Sun in December, 2002. I find it inspiring, sweet and simply profound. In times of personal stress it might provide some small sense of perspective. Enjoy!

Excerpt from Lovingkindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness by Sharon Saltzberg.
This passage from Sharon Saltzberg's first book on Lovingkindness meditation describes the painful experience of living in a fixed state of desiring, always waiting for the next moment to arrive. Just hearing it described so clearly can sometimes help pull us out of that state for a while. Although the specific subject she addresses in this chapter is working with the hindrances to lovingkindness meditation, I find it a helpful piece for living in general. Let me know what you think.

Feelings: A List
The underlying assumption in my work is that we enjoy life when we feel free to be ourselves. This implies that we know who we are—which unfortunately isn't true for many people today. Part of the process of learning who we are is learning to recognize our feelings, wants, and needs. To support the development of clarity, I often invite clients to identify the bodily sensations and emotions that they are experiencing in the moment. Here is a list of emotions. Can you identify what you're feeling at this moment?

Web Site Links

My professional interests include Gestalt Therapy and group psychotherapy. Here are some websites that you might find useful. Descriptions of the sites are taken from the web sites own self-description.

The Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy (AAGT) is a dynamic, inclusive, energetic non-profit organization committed to the advancement of theory, philosophy, practice and research in Gestalt Therapy and its various applications.

The Behavior On-Line Forum on Gestalt Therapy provides an opportunity to discuss a wide range of topics on the theory and practice of gestalt therapy. [Our task] is to facilitate and stimulate discussion on gestalt therapy across as wide an area as you decide—and as gestaltists know, the Field can stretch a long, long way. This forum is open to all who have an interest in gestalt therapy, from experienced international trainers and authors, to the tentatively inquiring minds who might ask "Ah... just what is gestalt therapy anyway?"

The Illinois Group Psychotherapy Society was formed to provide a forum of exchange about group treatment. Since its inception, IGPS has included individuals from a variety of disciplines, theoretical orientations and work settings. The purposes of IGPS are: 1. To encourage excellence in training and practice of group psychotherapy; 2. To encourage and sponsor programs which enhance knowledge and skill in group psychotherapy; 3. To provide information about group psychotherapy services and training opportunities.

From the Mental Help Net Mission Statement: In September 1995 CMHC Systems chief John Paton decided to develop a web site on the topic of mental health as a free service to the worldwide mental health community of professionals and laypeople. Officially launched in November 1995, Mental Help Net has since gone on to become one of the premier mental health sites on the web today. Directed by Mark Dombeck, Ph.D. since July, 1999, Mental Help Net is the most comprehensive source of online mental health information, news and resources. Mental Help Net has also won numerous awards for design and content.

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